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Next Generation Lotteries (NGL) is an innovative, full solution supplier for the lottery industry.

Our Profile

Next Generation Lotteries (NGL) is a full solution supplier for the lottery industry. Our system is built using modern technology and architecture, which allows us to easily integrate with any third party systems and games. The NGL system supports all sales channels simultaneously, creating a truly Omni-channel offering that increases lottery revenues and returns to good causes. With ISO 27001 certification, ISO 9001 certification, WLA Security Control Standard Certification and numerous lottery audits, NGL solutions guarantee the highest levels of security and reliability.

NGL is an inspired team of people, people who share a mission to modernize and invigorate the lottery industry. The company’s operating principles are to anticipate rather than react to consumer demand, embrace all innovative technologies, question how to surpass the expected and deliver long-term industry resilience and success.

NGL is part of the NOVOMATIC Group, one of the biggest global producers and operators of gaming technologies, with revenues of over EUR 2.5 bn, more than 26,000 employees and subsidiaries in 50 countries. NGL was established in 2014 after the acquisition of Icelandic lottery provider Betware and quickly became a major player in the international lottery business:

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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